Portuguese journalists unite in face of job cuts

A apreensão, as greves e os cortes no jornalismo português vistos desde a Alemanha:

“In crisis-hit Portugal, the media sector is taking as much of a battering as any other, with record job losses this year so far. What does this mean for the future and quality of journalism in Portugal?

Outside the offices of Publico, Portugal’s leading daily newspaper, striking journalists are trying to keep their spirits high as they strike against plans to slash over a quarter of journalism jobs at the paper.

Sofia Lorena has been at Publico for the past 11 years, where she works as a journalist for the foreign affairs desk. She’s an award-winning journalist, having won one of Portugal’s top journalism prizes last year for a series of reports from Iraq and Kuwait. Her reports form part of a long and illustrious tradition of award-winning public-interest journalism at the publication. For Lorena, getting a job at Publico was like a dream come true: “Publico was the place where I wanted to work since I was 15 or something. I had this idea that I had made in my mind! … And when I came here, part of it was still lived up to it. It was still a place where I felt I could do the things that I consider important,” she says. (…)

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